Monday, February 2, 2009

Wow - awesome dive conditions

Sunday was really great for diving. I went to RIY banks and had viz up to 18m. Warm surface water and a cooler water below.
I believe I got some of my best footage yesterday but have not yet got to viewing it.

Scattered baitball developed later but unfortunately by then my cameras battery was flat. On one occasion sards came by in a small pack of a few cubic meters and promtly a pack of cape salmon arrove in close pursuit.
Only one salmon moved onto the sards and sampled one. These cape salmon were small but great to see anyway. He swam with them then snapped sideways. Later Mark and I saw a lightning swift attack of a bonito on a single sard. All that remained was a few glistening scales settling slowly toward the seafloor which was visible at 18 m.

At one stage the current had drifted me back from the boat about 90 m. As I swam back the pack of cape salmon(~100 fish) followed me like the pied piper the whole way. I swam of to the left to see if they would leave me but no they had to follow even if I zigzagged!
That was a first for me.

All I can say is it is a pity to be on land!!!!

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