Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dead Sharks

A whale shark recently washed ashore at Shoenmakers Kop - I suspect the recent chill where water temps dropped to as low as 10 deg C may have cause the shark to die.

I was around 7-8 m long.

I asked Mark to pose next to the victim to indicate its size.

Just lacking your speargun there hey Mark?

In early Feb I took this pic of a dead sand tiger I found on the RIY banks:

When looking at the sea the plankton looked so thick that one could probably walk on water.

See teh purple tint beyond the churned band? That's the result of all the upwelling - I doubt there would be more than 1.5 m viz in that...
Perhpas the present westerly gales can repair the water by bringing the warm water in closer - apparently the temp is 27 deg C (and Blue) beyond the 400 m countour!!

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The Fishermens Life said...

that is a huge whale shark. IVe never seen a dead one that is kind of sad to see.