Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Online Open Begins Tomorrow

April fools day sees the beginning of the online open 2009.

Although you can register late you have few dive day options/days. The comp runs from Arpil 1 to the end of May giving considerable chance to get a nice fish. See below for details.

Online Open Spearfishing Competition 2009

Hi All,

Here follows a description of an online spearfishing competition.

It is open to all. Read on to see what it’s all about.

If you know anyone who may like to spearfish in this conmpetition please forward the mail to them.

Imagine a spearfishing competition where you:
1. Have no long trips to the venue,
2. Dive at your leisure - there is lots of time, just enter some fish you get during April and May 2009,
3. Shoot what you select to shoot,
4. Anyone can take part anywhere in SA,
5. Use a unique scoring system that allows divers anywhere to compete with their catch even if they are not big fat fish,
6. Have a very slim chance of a weather wipeout
7. Have a very small entry fee (R80) that goes to the Springbok team

Freedive.co.za is hosting just such a spearfishing competition.

The objective is to have many competitors enter and participate. All registration fees of R80 per person go to sponsoring our Springbok team taking part in Euro Africa Qualifier in Algeria in mid 2009

In the Online Open you can dive in different areas and compare catches as a percentage of the SA record, this allows someone shooting a big butterfish in False Bay to compete against a 40 kg kingfish taken in KZN.

How it will work?

Who can take part? Anyone with, or without SAUFF membership, you do not need to be a club member, foreigners welcome too!

When: Diving between 1 April 2009 and 31 May 2009 - daylight hours only. You should be able to get a few dives in during that period.

Where: Anywhere in South African ocean waters - excludes reserves and estuaries and any spot you may not dive legally.

Method of fishing: with speargun - no artificial breathing apparatus

Fish Species that may be taken: Any open season fish - excludes closed species such as brindle bass, Natal wrasse etc. Excludes sharks & skates.

Scoring: To allow divers in the Cape to compete with those of Natal the scoring will be based on record percentage.

How does record percentage work?

The SA record for cape salmon 13 kg. If you take part and in September you get a 10 kg cape salmon then your record percentage for that fish is = 76.9%

(to calculate record percentage you divide the weight of your fish by the SA records weight and multiply by 100.

10 / 13 times 100 = 76.9)


Weigh gutted fish with gills removed.

Weigh your best five fish(highest record percentages) and submit the pictures as specified by the weigh-in (rules to follow).

The record percentage of each of the five fish will be totaled and the person who gets the highest score is the overall winner.

What is required of you?

Get a fish or preferably five this April and May.

All you do is take a digital picture, reduce the pic size to less than 300k, record the weight accurately as possible and email the picture to freedive@freedive.co.za

You keep your fish.


Aldo has offerred a R1000 prize for a new SA record taken during that time period - it will have to be verified according to the normal procedure for record fish verification.

FREEDIVE.CO.ZA will offer an online mentorship program worth R800 and an advanced spearfishing course.

Keep an eye on my blog for updates.

Other sponsors are welcome to donate prizes too.


To enter deposit the entrance fee (R80) into the following account:


First National Bank,


Branch Code: 220128,

Acc number 62067501132

As reference use your initial and surname e.g. P Woods and RECORD PERCENT to indicate it is for the record % competition

NB NB NB NB I do not have access to teh SAUFF banking reports so you must, MUST, MUST email or sms me proof of you payment. KEEP the file size small.

Do something different this Autumn and support our boys in Green and Yellow. The system is open for registration right now!

See you online,

Gletwyn Rubidge


email: freedive@freedive.co.za

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