Monday, March 30, 2009

Spearfishing Amberjack on RIY Banks

In Feb one day we had splendid conditions on the RIY banks and the viz allowed us to take the odd unusual fish.
I got my best tropical(amberjack) in east cape waters - it was 9 kg and Mark also got a fine 7 kg specimen. I guess my one is an EP record - not even sure if such exists in our records list.

Here I take Marks fish and mine back to the boat.

You Tube Description:

"We are diving RIY banks, Port Elizabeth South Africa - The reef is 18 km out into Algoa Bay. I just surfaced after taking a fine soldier - below a shoal of tropicals edges closer - no time to neaten up line under our guns - I head down fumbling to get camera into video mode - hold back a bit - AHA! it's recording - now I can sample the tropicals.
Mark heads down as I surface in the 15 m viz..."

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