Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spearfishing target upgrade - soldier to bank steenbras

Every now and then we see an opportunity and as we focus on it something better edges in closer or simply comes to our awareness. This happens in all fields - ranging from nightclubs to the ocean.

Well!,,, sometimes it is too late to change; like after taking a small inferior fish a big yellowtail swimms tamely around you while you rush to remove the small fish with an overly optimistic opinion that the tail will hang around for an extra 20 seconds.

For this reason I prefer to delay my shots in many cases and it often pays off. It does, however take a bit extra effort sometimes and we have to consider our reserves in a split second.

The video clip below is a nice illustration.

One outstanding point of bank steenras is the green shimmer seen in their eyes.

They are superb eating when fried or done of a fire scales and all with basting.

The green eye:

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