Monday, March 23, 2009

Spearing a Sarda Sarda (bonnie) in Algoa bay Near Cape Receife

Below is a clip of me taking a bonnie - I descend just after Mark took one and pursue the ample shoal.

Back in about the mid nineties I swam out at Cape Receife and found many bonnies ins the shallows - it was far off shore about 700 m but only 4 m deep. I had a grainbag on my stringer to keep the little bronzies and duskies off my fish. The resistance is quite a bit more but at least it prevented the small sharks sampling my catch.

I took two bonnies in close succession and then noticed my float idling past below - a good sized raggie saw no barrier in the bag and proceeded to drag the whole lot off along the bottom - he gave the odd shake and soon severed the gut stringer - I had about ten bonnies and now these were scattering about all over. I swam along behind retrieving the whole bonnie that fell off and recovered four while the raggie made off with the remainder. My Float popped up and I walloped the raggie a few times before it left me to tie up the remaining bonnies with the float line and return to shore - I got one more bonnie on the way in.

That's the problem with shore dives - you run a takeaway near your float on some days and it is frustrating to loose the fish to the taxman. You do get fit though as it is hard work dragging all that fish about. So now I seldom shoredive as I prefer the extra options a boat offers - but as you saw in the last post it comes with a whole new range of maintenance issues.


Eckart said...

what is the best way to prepare bonnies?

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

My Favourite is sashimi but also the stir fry I postes about a month or so back in my blog or flash fry thin strips with onions, butter and Kikoman soy sauce