Friday, April 3, 2009

Flick the switch

By spearing a fish neatly through brain you can readily switch "it off".
Any shot through the spine closer to the head will similarly switch off the fish.

Brain shots require great accuracy in the shot though and a near miss can easily split off.

An advantage of the switch-off is that you do not spook the rest of the fish and in a cave there is and added advantage of reducing foul-ups on the caves internal structure and even you in the cave, as well as mud is not stirred up.

In the clip below I demonstrated a switch off on a large cape knidfejaw.

On the topic of switch off - I intend to switch off for a week down in Plettenberg Bay and will probably not even go online.
See you in a week.

P.S. The online open is OPEN and you can start taking fish. NB later entries are acceptable but only fish speared after you entry fee is payed may be weighed in. If you suspect you have a record then weigh it guts in.


Simon said...

Hey Gletwyn,

See you in plett, planning on getting a dive in there tomorrow morning off Robberg if the weather holds out, guys have been getting some nice Romans, leerie and a few Cracker....Enjoy.

Simon said...

Sorry not robberg, off the front of Beacon Isle Hotel, off the 2 Blinders there

Eckart said...

are those belman swimming in the distance?