Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dad, Dive here -You will get a nice fish!

Darryl Hiscock sent me a really cool email:

I was busy teaching Kyle(my son)to use the echo when he rode over a small reef that came up from 7m to 5m and insisted that I get in and guaranteed me that I would shoot a decent fish, I wasnt that keen as the vis was 12m and I could clearly see the bottom from the boat and there was nothing else but one bare rock and sand.
To satisfy him I jumped in only to see and shoot a tail out of a shoal of about 15 big fish.
Needless to say I got an' I told you so!.
Thanked him about 10 times and there was high fives all round - sure he felt like King Neptune himself.
You see sometimes it pays to listen to our children.

Here is Darryl's er no Kyles yellowtail:

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