Monday, August 31, 2009

Fatal Shark Attack at Glentana

I see in the EP Herald that shark attacked and killed a surfer at Glentana near George. That is white great country in my opinion and I agree that it most likely was a white.
After my loss of a fish to a shark yesterday arvie it is a bit more meaningful.

For us spearfishermen at least we have a chance of seeing the shark approaching and can confront it and fend it off with a spear, or even and the empty speargun. (Perhaps it is worth putting a short spike in the front of the gun to get a grip on an advancing sharks snout - the muzzle of the speargun without a spear could slide back along the snout causing one to get a bit too close to the danger zone.
I will fiddle a bit in the garage and post pics of my experiment. Here the speargun manufacturers could include a slot into which a spike can be screwed - I certainly would by such a gun over one that does not have the facility.)

The article is available at:

p.s. did not use the side railed Carbons as shorediving can get harsh on gear.

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