Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Great white - SA Spearo has tail feathers fluffed up in Australia

Just got an emai from Gyula Plaganyi:

My second dive in Perth. I was with Simon Embelton. We had just arrived at a spot S 32 00 318 E 115 27 195.(Horse shoe or Mackerel lump). We anchored and I climbed into the water. Viz was about 17 meters and water temp about 19.5.

ONE minute later a huge Great White bumped me from the right bottom side. I first thought it was a whale. [yea Gyula just as I thought with teh one on the RIY banks back in 04].
It then pushed me aggressively all the way back into the boat, with my spear stuck on it's nose. Simon heard my scream and saw the whole thing happen. The shark then swam around the boat on the surface of the water 3 times.

The boat was a 21feet boat. When the shark came up next to the boat we could see it's length clearly. It was almost as long as the boat..... and I mean almost.

I thought you said the chances of seeing one were slim. I am willing to bet this shark is still swimming around Rottnest, and I think not too far from the above mark as well.



Well it appears to have been dark - here in SA no white incidents reported recently!

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