Thursday, August 6, 2009

My noseclip for spearfishing and freediving

Earlier this week I said I would post a pic or two showing the noseclip I made.
I took stainless steel springwire (old outboard throttle cable)and coiled a length round and round a screwdriver ina spiral - I left two longish ends and then I bent the coil as I removed it from the screwdriver(star driver, that is or you may not get it off).
I bent it into a half circle. Next the ends were covered with 4-5 mm id plasticised pvc tubing and these ends were in two close 90 deg angles to form a U on each side. I covered each U with black insulation tape. Next I adjusted the tension so it was not too hard. Clipped it on my snout:

The above pic shows my nose getting a lovebite from the clip - actually a mild squeeze. It is a bit hard on the nose directly but through a mask it is fine. I was still able to blow air into the mask with a slight extra push - allowing my left hand to be free. It also reduced the sinus equalization squeaks but about 90%. (nb that such squeaks spook some fish!!!) Well on occasions it's painful too.

Below is another view.

In the next two pics I clamp it onto my finger in two different ways - can you spot the change?

note that in this pic and the next I have swapped it over - not by rotation of the clip so you see it's but - it is still facing you. I grabbed the black pads pulled them apart in the plane of the clip and swapped sides - like you holding a ball by clamping it between you feet - but now you put it down and clamp the ball with the outsides of you feet - you first had to cross one leg over the other and then clamp the ball. I simple crossed the "feet" of the noseclip.
Why do this? - well it gives a greater force and presses harder on my nose. I like more options than just one and this clip gives those - a tight and mild setting. One can adjust the settings by pulling the feet hard over each other which slightly bends the springsteel.

I fastened it onto my neck by looping a few elastic bands through each other and tied one to the clip and the other just pulls over my neck.

Careful not to dive too fast with these as prototypes may prevent you from blowing air into your mask. basically if you buy an F1 race car don't floor it lest you bond with a bridge. Take the time to get used to it and make changes as required.

Also it is a good idea to remove the clip at the bottom of your dive or the bubbles may irritate you on your ascent - these bubbles escape from you mask on deeper dives if you do not snif that extra bit of air you blew into the mask back into your nose.

Now I can discard the first four prototypes that were inferior.

Should you need to equalize using your fingers to pinch your nose - the valsalva manoeuvre - then such a clip may be of use to you - increasing energy efficiency and stealth - well, also comfort.

p.s. the 4 cast for the weekend looks fair on Sat but good for Sunday and Monday.

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