Sunday, August 30, 2009

P.A.Y.S. - Pay As You Swim taxation - no more extentions!

On Sunday Mark calls me up an says we could squeeze out a shoredive. My response was:
G: Jeez man I don't even have a floatline anymore!"
G: Where?
M: Black Rock, Seaview

35 min later I said this is where we should swim in on a west wind - the rip will put us out beyond the breakers with little effort.

M: I am sure we gonna get some good fish.
G: Yea but will we get them out.

Not long and we were off the dropoff where I duelled with a fat 4 m white in 1998. Viz was up to 12 m or so. We pushed out to 15-16m and the current was westerly and yuk YUK YUK the viz dropped to about 5 m on the bottom - typical - often like that on a west soon after an east.
I listened for the right bottom crackle and got down on good structure. A bank steenbras bolted over the ridge and snuggled into a crack - soon the bankie returned and I had to jam in a quick close-up shot.
Black being black rock - I knew this was a dinner gong - Mark silently watched a bronze whaler head up and sniff my fins.

I did two dives after swimming back up on my general position landmark.
No other fish - not feeling great about the encroaching yukky water I suggested going back in toward the dropoff.
This we did. The time was slim as the brownish water was heading in with the westerly. After a dive in suspect viz and meeting a fat scarred raggy that followed me up i said we should go in - the fish will be eaten. It is always a tossup when to head back in at blackrock when the wests bring the plankton in - either try for another fish or two or go back right now and at least have a fish for supper.
I kept the fish next to me for a short swim - then let it go again after 50 or so meters. The raggy did not reach the surface so he may not know about the fish.

Pretty much knowing the chances of good fish were blown we headed into 10 m and the long awaited pluck on my line took place. Quite a pluck it was. I looked up to see swirls around my float and pulled the float closer - no further attempt was made - I had alerted Mark and we inspected my fish - deeply lacerated on both sides - the tooth spacing seemed impressive too. Again we headed in. Trying here and there in the vague hope of locating a nice fish we dawdled. Swimming over a shallow ridge I was hauled back by my floatline by a heavy jerk - again there were tell tale swirls around the float. This time my stringer was vacant and had three cuts in the monofiliment. Now I was stressed - the bankie would still have been fine with the cuts - even Mark had secretly claimed a fillet - well shredded fillet.

SO Black Rock at Seaview has not changed much - we never found what shark took the bankie but I would say it was probably a big bronze whaler.

I far prefer the tax freindly boat dives!

M: I am not diving Fk1uuX!ing Black Rock from the shore again!
G: Agreed!

Fanus Gerber - a Blackrock veteran also avoids PAYS tax there by shooting quick and swimming fast. He once hooked up his gun and dived with a reel gun. The gun with thr float and fish had disappeared. He got it the next day all in tact - PAYS tax paid on time.

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