Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Side-Rail attached to carbon freediving spearfishing fin

I found some workable rubber in the form of a an old motor vehicle windshield rubber - you look past one every day - it hold the windshield in place. It was for free - the owner was glad to see it go and I saw value in the rubber rubbish.
I split off the sections I needed with a pocket knife and super glued it onto the ribs or edging of one of my Spierre fins.
I specifically did one fin only - the idea was to swim with both on and see what effect it has. Hopefully I would swim in circles toward the right if I had the siderailed fin on my left foot.
Mark has an identical pair of fins to mine so later proper oceanic testing can be done - endurance work will give the best test.
OH yes, before super gluing the side rail (and my finger!) to the edging of the fin I filed the edge of the fin to clean the rubber surface to promote sticking.

Here, and in the next pic I have put on the side rail onto one fin and not the other. The rail is raised about 1.5 cm.

Here you can compare the normal vs railed:

In my pool I noticed a definite "bite" on the railed fin and I suspect it will outperform the unrailed one. It also has much improved lateral stability but also increased resistance on lateral movements.
How will I(my legs) cope with the adaptation? I am really excited to test.
OH why can't we have a Med -like ocean!!!

So now I just need the playground to get sorted out for proper testing. I also put such rails on each of my old Picasso Black team carbons. I was rather inconclusive of the result on these blades as they are not as flexible as the Spierre blades - the slight corrugations add stiffness in the Picasso carbons and I suspect they may become too stiff with the rubber rails added.

Will post my findings.

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