Monday, August 24, 2009

Spearfishing equipment adaptions - juniorization of a speargun

In the use of a speargun I found Zephyr's arms were not strong enough to turn the speargun efficiently so I gave hime more leverage to position and stabilize the speargun by adding a side handle a short distance down the barrel. This was the answer to his difficulty in positioning the gun.
He can now hit targets in the pool and even split a mullets dorsal fin in a gulley on the weekend. At present the other problem was keeping him warm enough - his suit is a bit big and he looses heat fast. Seeing the fish - zebras, mullets and juvenile musselcracker was, however, quite an inspiration to him, and to me too.

Yet again he returned emty handed - next time we may introduce chumming to promote success.
Here are a few pics of the adaptations to the gun.

I simply took a 6mm bolt with a ring on its end, ground the outer edge flat so it would position well on the barrel and clamped it on with a hose clamp - then I forced a piece of speargun rubber over the bolt to make a handle.

Note that the hoseclamps' bolt is out of the spears path.

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Eckart said...

Will be a great day when he shoots his first meal for the fam! Good luck and you might just find a big fish in one of those gullies these days!