Friday, August 21, 2009

Spearfishing a red roman and weekend options and a trining tip for SH1T conditions

Here is a clip I took in late July, where I dive down on a reef off Seaview and get a nice red roman - it's one I have never dived before and it probably never has seen a diver anyway as no-one really dives deep off Seaview.
One can see a mature black parrotfish and the yellow juvenile - it is quite a transformation.

Here is the clip:

As for the weekend - does not look good again - 3 m + swells due without much wind. The recent westerlies predominated so the water may be clear on the deeper reefs.

SO!!! It looks like the spring weather cycle is here - wind and swell - lots of. I need to stay fit so I can still do 30 m dives if conditions permit. Nothing worse than moving shallow and away from nice fish cause your fitness sucks or going home cause the shallows are trashed but the deep is clean.

Training tip:

Yesterday evening I went for a light 3 km run. Zephyr insisted on joining me and kept up all the way. I was doing dive training while running - slow pace - this allows Zephyr to come along with two dogs in Settlers Park - I suffered a lot more though 35 steps breathing and 40-60 holding my breath then 35 breathing then 40-60 holding. It is a nice exercises to train for diving while running (which many people do) - the cold air helps a lot - if my body were to overheat this exercise would be a killer. I have much more efficient training methods in my mentorship and advanced course but this is a good way to still spend time with kids who can run as you simply must run at a slower pace to allow wives or kids to keep up. Perhaps I will even push the baby ina pram and do it but I will observe the caution below.

If you try a similar exercise alter the breathing and hold times to make it quite hard but not so bad so that you almost pass out. Imagine passing out as you cross a road or running into a tree as you are pushing it so hard - save that for on a lawn. Consider your safety on land too.

The cold snap dropped our pool temp to 20 deg and Zephyr was back in again without his suit but with fins on.

Check out this link the Richard Bruno sent me - it is a nice way to uplift the immage of spearfishing.
I think donating some of your catch to charity is a great idea - make it known rather than keeping it a secret. Just one caution - do not give to a beggar - ask him to do a small service in exchange - even if it is just taking your chip packet and empty coke bottle to a bin - if you just give you cement their dependancy on getting stuff for free which actually weakens them even more. They will always have a bigger smile when they feel they have earned the begged item. If the person is blind and missing a leg - well ok then I think simple giving without any service in return is more acceptible.

Have a good weekend!

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