Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Video clip of a stalking technique for a Zebra on the wreck of the Kapodistrias

Down I go to the seabed on the Kapodistrias'es wreck. The viz is 10-12m with a moderate surge.
My 1m Freedivers gun occupies my right hand and left is free to stabilize me on the bottom.
I edge around a ledge,dawdle there a bit and slowly creep up a redbait covered structure and BANG! I am face to side with potential quarry - I wait and the zebra heads over and down the structure - can I still get him?

OK so I got that zebra - to be able to get it I had, over the years to not get many others due to wrong technique or inability to stay down long enough for teh fishes to relax and become curious.
My advanced spearfishing course focuses on increasing breathholds, depth to which you can dive and gives some key spearfishing techniques to get the sneaky little buggers - or sometimes the sneaky big ones.

See for details.

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