Monday, August 17, 2009

Video clip of structure and technique, and other

OH well, the weekend dive did not happen easterlies - combined with big swell suck!
On a clearer note here is a another video clip I took this winter showing some cool structure - I enter a cave - note my pause before exiting - this pause, when one's breath permits, often brings in a fine fish such as a big musselcracker.

On that dive the only visitor was a small jacopever - a small rockcod.

I did a little experiment this morning on breathhold training - in the middle of a 50 minute session I drank a cup of coffee to see if the caffeine would wreck my holds - it did not - no apparent change - it was a once off so I can't say it is a fact set in stone but I may try it again a few times to test the reproducibility of the "no apparent affect of one cup of coffee(1 slightly heaped teaspoon Nescafe Classic in 200 mL - into a 73 kg body.

Reproducibility in short term studies does not fit long term studies - e.g. I saw very few bronze bream this winter - last winter there were plenty - it is wrong to assume they are fished out! Unfortunately such or similar assumptions are readily used to make big decisions in conservation, and many other fields – yet the evidence is scientifically shown and provable. Only the common sense of cycles within cycles is inadvertently or purposefully, left out.
Next year it may be that bronze bream are back in great shoals.

Sunday saw Zephyr – my 5.5 yr old son in a gully on his first outing with a loaded gun. Returned empty handed but inspired. On Saturday he showed a few good duck dives in our pool with a 3 kg belt on so he is progressing.

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