Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marine Coastal Management Runs out of Cash!

I am sure by now you know that I do not have the greatest respect for MCM - I personally view them as rather incompetent and extremely wastefull of finacial resources.

There is an article realeased showing that my sentiments are not too off-track - go see this link for more detail and the article.

MCM must now go "see the headmaster" hopefully they will leave with a few stripes across the butt!

Hopefully corrective measure will be taken and appropriate financial planning will be applied - for one those red vessels that ride up and down the coast wasting diesel and occasionally fishing illegally while on anchor willl be replaced with more efficient craft and personnel.

For too long they have been closing off areas and making no dive zone simply due to their "difficulty" in policing poaching. As ussual the policing is weak anyway then remove the general public and poacher are essentially freee to do as they with as often it is public that give tip-offs to MCM or the cops.

So lets see where this goes now.

PE spearos - Let's not forget that MCM, in conjunction with Pine Lodge Resort, blocked our entry with diving gear to Cape Receife. Why? - because of incompetence in policing poaching of abalone - so a blanket punishment must be dished out to all of us.

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