Monday, September 7, 2009

One can get mudskippers - er - I mean, musselcracker here now

Lohan Geel sent me a pic of a cracker he got yesterday in the Algoa Bay - 2 m viz - Jukky!
Most divers including had written off a dive but Lohan pulled it off.

Here is what Lohan had to say:

After the last few days of West then East and then West again, the fish had to be close to shore. I spoke to Daryl on Friday. He said that there only 1,5 meter viz in the bay. I worked on Saturday and Sunday morning. At 16h00 I decided to jump in from the side in the bay. I had a max of 2m viz. I squeezed in between two rocks so my few is about 30 degrees in front of me. Working the same spot after hearing the duff duff of the tails from the surface. After 20 minutes they came right in and I could make out the shape of a fish and managed to shoot a 9.45kg Cracker. It was my first time that I used the Free Divers Fins. I could feel the burning of my shins as I did not dive the last three months, but it's good. The food pockets are nice and comfortable

I must agree that the fins are very comfortable.

I installed sharkspike on my 1.1 Freedivers gun last night. Zephyr also wants a sharspike on his gun - for now I think we will pass on that till he is more skilled. I had him in the pool doing duck dives with his wetsuit jacket on without a belt - he got to the bottom - this will boost his efficiency. Try that someday - go down with no belt!

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