Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sharkspike on my 800 Freedivers speargun

Here are two pic of my sharkspike added to my 800 Freedivers speargun.
They are on my Twitpic gallery - the links are in the text below.

Here is the spike - cut from an old spear - anyone guess why i used an old spear?

Installed - I drilled a hole in the front of the muzzle and a ground a notch into the spike to be able to anchor it on the gun - for now it's just a cable tie but it could be a pin running through the muzzle body.
I have a cover too as it could give a sharp knock and puncture one.

Now where is my fist test subject - my guess a sand tiger will be number one.

p.s. Have you seen I have my five most recent tweets to the right but below my profile?

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