Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spearfishing video clip - Fishtalking - Zephyr and I imitate fish sounds that cob and tasslefish make

While down at Plett I was bored - usual thoughts of diving so Zephyr and I chatted about it and I showed him how to make sounds to attract tasslefish(baarman or corb) and Cob (salmon or corvina).

Fishermen will know these grunting sounds well from when they boat the fish. The cape salmon, or geelbek, also make such sounds especially when encountered in big shoals.

Rapid and consistently repeated grunts or drumming appears to be a warning to others - anyone who has speared a few tassles will know the drumming they make when speared. Triplicate repetitions with longer spaces between appear to be something like:
"Hey GUYS, come check it out!"
"This way"
"Here I am"

So by now I guess you are asking if sharks know the language - I do not have sufficient data to say yes or no yet.

In the clip below Zephyr shows how to make the sounds of tasslefish and cob - I join in and add some explanations on how to do it.
Some of my Youtube clips show how these sounds can draw the fish closer. These topics and much more are covered in detail in my online spearfishing mentorship program see www.freedive.co.za/mentroship.htm

Here is an example of calling a tasslfish fish from my other Youtube site

And an example of the continuous repettitive stressed out sound such fish make:

Try call them in in future is they will not approach close enough - or if they spook out of viz - you may just get them back in range.

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