Friday, September 25, 2009

Spearfishing White Steenbras & Weekend 4cast

Some time back Mitch Mitchel asked me to write an article about hunting underwater - so I opened Word and put together a spread and sent it to him - he synthesized a more magazine quality version and included it in his online hunting magazine - African Expedition Magazine. If you do land-based hunting you are likely to enjoy the mag.

Here is a a link to that article:

I hear someone got a nice one of 18 kg in Natal recently.

As for the 4cast - Wow spot of foul weather lined up for next week - Sat is the best with small swell dues and light winds.

Trevor Hutton stayed over with me on his way to Durban - was good to chat about deep spearfishing again - I looked at the 1.5 mm wetsuit he has for deep dives in warm water - wow if only we could use those here on our side but that is only possible very seldom.
I stretched the material and then compared to what extra muscular effort I must expend to simply put my arm out in front of myself to be streamline - it takes quite a bit - then there is the added resistance of being wider all round by the suit thickness. The there is also the factor of the weights and their resistance to water flow over ones' body.

It would be intersting to see the volume difference between an inhalation in a 7 mm suit vs. a 1.5 mm suit. I am sure there would be some.
I will try a comparison of with and without a suit and see which allows the biggest breaths - over say 10 breaths with and 10 without and get an average.

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