Thursday, October 15, 2009

Deep spearfishing video (full clip) - plus shark activity

Below is the full raw clip of a section of the video Chris made for the Ultimate Spearfishing newletter where I speared a bankie with bronze whaler interest.

Here is a description of the dive:

It’s a long swim down to the bottom 34 m - I dawdled making it a slow descent - 1.7 seconds per meter - the idea was to billboard on my way down in the 15 m viz. The strategy worked with more than one bank steenbras meeting me soon after reaching the bottom. As I was about to shoot I saw the bronze whaler (2.5 - 3 m) approaching but decided to take the shot with my 1100 Freedivers reelgun. Why waste a dive especially when the prey is right there. I swam toward the shark filming it on the beginning of my ascent - it shied away and I turned vertical towards the surface - reaching it 40 seconds later. Then the big pull-up began. I felt some tugs and pulls guessing the shark was doing its bit then the fish was free again and coming up - the shark returned and the fish was scarred quite heavily - it swam around me a few times before returning to the depths

Man the sea has been bad lately.

I am getting to know my monofin - the recurved frot side makes for an interesting kick style. I kick in triples down up down glide, down up down then glide. Why recurved? Well I would like to say I was trying to get the whipping effect of a recurved bow but actually it was an oversight on my side during manufacture. By now you may know I like mistakes they are great teachers/inventors.

I can't wait to do a few freedives in the sea - I will try to leave the speargun behind!
The mono is a great workout - spose my muscles need some adaptation to the new work.
If the bad water prevails I may make another one shaped like a southern right whales tail - just for fun.
Zephyr has also put in a request for a monofin!!

As for this weekend Sunday was looking best but that can change rapidly in spring!

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