Thursday, October 22, 2009

East Winds!

And the easterlies prevail.
Forecasts show that they will keep at it too. It's a howler and 9 am and will probably gust to 30 knot ts today.
On Tuesday morning I went for an early morning dive. Surface temp 17 degC at the point, at 10 depth it was 11 deg C - clear and well chilled. The easterlies kept on blowing. I am sure the temp will soon reach 9 deg C. That could make good conditions for a world championship - who can resist the chill and dive well and find fish.

One one dive on Tuesday I descended in around 10 m and swam down through the fuzzy surface water and entered the clearer cool layer before the very cold water below - a nice red stump of 5-6 kg cruised off cautiously.
I hid and kept low using topographyt to try gain a good ambush advantage - the stump did not do the typical rapid return to look - chilly water does that to fish quite often - getting into a cautious mode - perhaps in the past when the sea turned red with big coppers herded up to shallows by thermoclines it was wise for fish to be cautious - anyway, the stump circled back and came in obliquely creeping into the viz range (8-10m) and would not come closer my head could hardly have been visible and I tracked it seaweed obscuring my vision regularly. Then my breath ran out and up I went never to see the lumpy stump again.

There are another couple of tricks I could have tried to bring that stump in but I was not equipped at the time. My mentorship and advanced course in spearfishing cover those option in detail.

After a few dives I saw nothing much but a few small and well chilled bronze bream in the cracks - a bit bored i did a partial exhale dive for fun and settled near the spot where I had seen the stump - gazed into the cracks where the bronze bream were and a 4 kg bankie idled closer out of the darkness from a narrow crack - luckily I did the extra dive. I like to get out my torch and look in holes when the chills hit.

See for more details.

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