Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Full clip of Spearfishing a bank steenbras

I said I would include the full clips of those fish I took in the ultimate spearfishing newsletter. It gives an idea of how much data is cut out from raw footage to make a scene or short movie.
The full clips are more illustrative of descent rate, depth, reef structure and variability in the water column. Blunders are also shown up - often kept out of the picture making the spear seem super competent.
The other banksteenbras clip in the short video in the newsletter (with the bronzewhaler)is rather large - 90 megs, so I may leave that till another time when I have some spare megs to waste for uploading.

The clip on the Kapo (wreck)was essentially uncut - the fish jammed - but I easily extracted it on the next dive. I plan some more wreck clips for the future.

p.s. I am done with the preparation of the blank blade for my experimental monofin - I may get it tested quite soon. I also made a finblade I want to try to attach to Zephyrs fins - he is ecstatic that he is also include in the process - I foresee a monofin for him once I get mine sorted out.
I also want to copy a whales tail - a southern right showed one nicely the other day - hopefully the cetacean copyright will not be an issue - though I believe they will give me credit.

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