Monday, October 26, 2009

Spearfishing two fish with one shot - lining up a tasslefish eclipse

My wife had bugged me for sashimi fish or soup fish. I was determined to get a sarda sarda , failing that a tasslefish(baardman or Corb).
Camera was mounted on my 1 m Freedivers gun and off I went to a likely spot - conditions were good for finding fish - a down going thermocline with about 5 m viz anch still chilly on the bottom.
I swam down to near the bottom and idled across to a cave that has produced these fish in the - the candidates were there but a bit too small - I about-faced and waited - not much later upgraded candidates arrived - I waited not taking an easy shot - a possible eclipse was developing - the fish were aligning nicely...

Actually a couple of techniques must be combined to get this right unless the fish are packed into a cave. Ideally the fish must be calm in coming to check out a relaxed, well positioned diver who has done or is doing something to arouse the curiosity of the intended targets. This is not too hard for those who have done my advanced course or the online spearfishing mentorship as it's simply a case of recognising the opportunity while doing the basics right.

Next time I find a shoal of nice big cracker perhaps I will take a strong gun and try set up and film such a double-up - I may need a sacrifice (not fish, but opportunity to take a single fish instead may be sacrificed as cracker are spooky and can get quite jittery - waiting too long often ends up with no chance to get a fish - or they all rush off in a thunderous charge).

I have a great recipe for fish soup - tonight I will make it and get some pics of the soup and cover the recipe.

So the easterly howls again - plankton will grow thick soon so much so that one may only be able to get viz on upwellings - let's see how my prediction fares.

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Eckart said...

always knew you where the man! but that is impressive!! well done and hope you had some good fish soup!