Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ultimate Spearfishing Video Short from my Clips

Chris Coates put together thid video (included in his newsletter) it is a compilation of four of my clips - he did wonders.
Check it out below:

Later I will upload the actual clips so you can see what he as worked from.

My latest mission is to make myself a monofin - material are ready - lets see what I come up with - expect first prototype in a week or sooner if I let my impatience take over.

P.S. yesterday evening I went for a dive - Zephyr was on the boat and was catching no fish - I speared a zebra and swam over to his hook and hooked it in the mouth - he was extatic about this zebra wich came up dead with a hole in it. I never had the heart to break it to him!

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eckart said...

classic!!! I've always wanted to do that!