Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Worm of note

Scanning over my files I found an interestic pic of a worm that came from a red roman. It was rather large as you can see in relation to teh glove on the boat.

Anyone know what it is called or seen a similar one. In all these years I have never seen such a big worm in a red roman. Sometimes I find worms in baardman or bank steenbras. Romans oftenhave and octopus or pieces in their gut.


Anonymous said...

It looks to be a bloodworm

Simon said...
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Nadia said...

Hi G

Is is not a coralworm perhaps?

Christoff said...


It's definitly a polychaete worm. I would guess family Eunicidae (rockworms). this family of worms grow large (~60cm for some species). Those little forward pointing tentacles on it's head are a characteristic of the family. could you see it's jaws? they ca give a mean bite. must have been a big red roman.

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

Thanks for the ID Christoff - it was a ~2kg fish.

Anonymous said...

Coreano or Koreano..thats the worm, it is raised in farms, not a saltwater/marine worm though... it bites a bit, it is good in saltwater, good for sargos and bass and sonetimes steenbras, anything actually, the only difference from sand worms and blood worms is that it turns whitish after sometime in water..