Thursday, November 26, 2009

Breahhold Personal Best for Zephyr at a depth of 1.3 m

My wife was sent in to get a timer as Zephyr was pushing for a reward again. Down he went in our pool - 30 deg C solar heated water did no chill him. I went down twice to look at him and time was ticking along well - I was impressed and Chevonne excitedly screamed 1 minute and 1 second - first time underneath the water in the pool.

Later we went to a 4 m deep pool to work on the equalization - a nice 23 to 24 deg was cold enought for him to wear his suit.
Here he learned that he need to equalize - that was perhaps all he learned and boy did a river of excuses come out. I think that the difficulty and the imposing look of water 4 m deep opened the excuse door and we got flooded.
He tried a few more times when I told him we should rather go home (my reverse psychology.
Well then teh little sister only jut 3 yrs old wanted me to jump off the 3 m diving board holding her - we went - she has balls! I got that on video.
We will go back again and try to sort out the equalization and at least close the "excuse gate" in Zephyr. I am going to have him visualize it a few time at night just before going to bed and see if he can sort it out.

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