Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My 3 year old daughter does a 2 m vertical descent

Ateya has been battling with confidence in getting her head under the water - it seemed to hinge on lack of control - that was till she began on the pole. Her confidence flew up after the pole dives and she swam her first full width minutes later.
It is something to consider in teaching young kids - they get all the control using a pole and it is self determined.
(Only in my case - if the kide do not dive I must tell them the are not allowed to dive to get them to dive - I foresee interesting time when they become teenagers - that rebellious streak will surely be hard to tame or manipulate!

I am now working on getting her to stay down for 10 seconds and will push that time up bit by bit.

Still I am going to have to work on Zephyrs equalizing - that is all that is holding him back from much greater achievemnts.

I am probably going to be rather scarce online over the next 3 weeks as I am very busy with the swimming pool trade and I am popping in solar panels for warming pools at quite a pace now.

I still need to get a nice clip of a sand tiger snap this summer - hopfully soon as they are not scarce now!

Here is one of my highlights for the year:
4 Natal Snoek taken in PE waters:

and nice cracker of 16 kg

plus a big white steenbras of 17.5 kg


Azoresub-Bluewater said...

Bela hunt! Congratulations! and Merry Christmas!

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