Friday, February 5, 2010

Water is improving

Went for a dive yesterday morning before work - I got a small yellowtail that will meet the fire tonight - I have not had fresh yellowtail in ages.

The water was 20 deg C with viz ranging from 3-8 m.

It is quite a concern to see the news on the milking of spearos, fishermen and other divers - these new high priced permits and boat registrations etc.

Spearfishing permits were costing us R75 and are proposed to hike to R300 - a splendid 400% increase.
Fishing permist are much less.

Chris Coates has the details on his blog - see

for details.

On his blog, Chris also suggest a resposne that we can make to object to this absurd proposal. See:

The more of us that respond the better - don't just rely on others doing so - our chances are improved if we all resposnd.

It still amuses me greatly when I see/hear some non fisherman demandingly request fish from the one who catches/spears them.

Consider how much time and effort goes into spearing a fish - include there training and previous dives as well as cost of equipment, and PERMITS!!!

Anyway - it nice to see the sea improving a bit - perhaps autmn willbe better for diving.

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