Monday, February 22, 2010

White lies and white steenbras

The other day I was out for a dive with Mark and our two sons. The two 6 year-olds fished while we dived.
I was doing a few extended bottom time dives in search of a steenbras and after about four dives I got lucky. I was about 1 min 45 sec into the dive and had left a nice soldier two times when my wait paid off - a steenbras swam into range checking me out. Camera rolling I sent the spear into the fish. A few kicks later it weakened and after sorting out the fish I kept it close to my body holding it in close so the boys did not see it as I headed to the boat.
I clipped my gun onto the transducer cable. Zephyr's fishing line was dangling over the side. Down the line I went with the steenbras to the hooks and hooked it inside the mouth. Satisfied the fish was firmly on I yanked on the line and headed up - as I ascended the line jerked and upon surfacing I commanded Zephyr to pull.

His little arms enthusiastically hauled the fish up but he could not get it over the side. I was squealing at him to pull harder and eventually jumped on excitedly. I jaked the fish over and Zephyr's eye widened at the site.

I explained that I shot it and it came off the spear but then went toward his hook and its last gulp took in the hook. It made his day.
Daniel, Marks son, was a tad green and Mark had to hook up a roman and a knife-jaw to satisfy his son.
Soon we were being instructed to hurry up and shoot more steenbras and hook them up on their hooks.
Needless to say no more steenbras made it to the hooks!

Here a happy young Zephyr shows off "his" fish. It was around 11 or 12 kgs.

I took Zephyr to the slipway for a Friday afternoon dive - the water was nice - I did not even bother to use a suit. Zephyr was pretty spooked though especially at the end of the slipway when I went down. He preferred to hold onto me and later he shot an octopus in the web between the tentacles but it the barb did not take and he did not get his first catch. I think quite a few more dives are going to be required to get him to relax more but despite being spooked he did enjoy the adventure. My 3.5 yr old daughter, Ateya, was next, but this time I went to the middle of the slipway - she loved seeing the shoals of streepies(caranteen)and mullet. Being a bit podgier than here brother she did not get cold at all - it was great to swim out with them and I look forward to the next outing.

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