Monday, March 1, 2010

3rd time Lucky on a yellowtail

A while back I got a nice tail of 15.5 kg. The water was a clear 12 m at the wreck of the Patti and 22 deg C.
We got in specifically to look for tail. I dispensed a few pilchards that were swiftly eaten by the frenchies.
About 20 minutes later some 80 m off I saw two good sized tail swimming across my view. I dived closer looking away and steering my gun into an expectant position. Oops the tail veered away. Not intent of pursuing further I turned and swam in the opposite direction to the bottom in about 10 m and settled behind a small pinnacle. Aha- its working the one fish returned to see where I had gone. It swam to about 8 m off and then turned and swam off again. My last resort was to play some music to the fish - I plucked at my rubber three times. Sure as nuts this fish rated me as a musician (no human wold dare). It came to about 4 m off and swam parallel to me for a bit giving me ample time to take a neat broadside shot.
I kept it off the pinnacles and after some 3-4 minutes it was tired and I brought it closer. A ridge had developed next to where the spear entered the fish and I was concerned that the barb had opened inside and lulled through and was resting against the skin on the inside of the fish. I gently swam the fish to the boat keeping the line tight but not putting excessive pressure. Reaching into the boat I grabbed my 1.1 gun that I normally leave withing easy reach and loaded it keeping the other line tight. Don I went and put in a securing shot.

Only when I pulled up the fish did I see it was not necessary and I must have seen a rib or something.
I would rather not take the chance of loosing a fish and have it get away with a gut shot as it may well die.

It is nice to see some good water and a number of good fish have come out locally in the last while - Evert got a nice big garrick and cracker - I will post the pics when he sends them to me.

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