Monday, March 8, 2010

Dentistry and diving

I had a dentist visit last Friday and some fillings were removed and some preventative ones were done. I braved it without anaesthetic - some rather heavy pain but better than the tingling numbness.

However, on yesterdays dive I suffered heavily with the new fillings aching in a big way - from 14 m down they really hurt and the colder the water the worse it seemed. I told Mark and he chuckled at me. Later his teeth also hurt on the bottom and he had a slight idea of what I was suffering - much worse than the dentist chair. I hope the fillings have not got bubbles inside between them and the teeth. Any dentist reader/s please try explain why my teeth would pain so much.

We had warm surface water and very chilly below - dirty 19 deg on top and as little as 12 deg on the bottom but very clear. After 6 days of east one must expect such a chill.

The fish were in supersneaky mode as is normal in such cold water and if we did not shoot on the first encounter with a fish there was not a second chance.

I got home with a headache and teeth aching - nowadays I do not pop a pill and take a snooze as in my good old single days - at home there are kids(6 and 3yrs and a little grand slam of 7 months) so peace and quiet are myths at present; and in the foreseeable furture.

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tombeej said...

Hi Gletwyn
While I'm not a dentist, I've experienced both a newly drilled molar with large filling, and also an air cavity in the jaw. Firstly, if you have an air cavity the pressure hits you very hard at at only 3-4m. It feels like your jaw/teeth are literally going to explode and there's no chance of getting past this point. For a freshly drilled tooth, especially if a lot of work is done on it, this sensitivity can take a while. My molar took about 2-3 months before it finally settled down properly. For you to be able to dive to 14m makes me pretty sure you have the second issue - just a bit of sensitivity to overcome. If the dentist had left an air cavity there's no chance you'd have made it even past 5m.

But that's just my personal experience. No harm in getting a quick x-ray done to make sure :).