Saturday, April 10, 2010

Huge freshwater fishes

Mirror, Mirror on the water without salt - Who's the biggest of us all?

In the east - the Mekong River produces some biggies:

#1:Mekong Giant catfish - up to 3m long.

Here is a link to a nice clip:

Also in the Mekong is a sporty looking paroon that can weigh 250 kg at 2.75 m, and the Giant Barb clocking 3 m and weighing up to 300kg.

Giant Barb:

In European rivers the catfish is a heavy:

Wels catfish: up to 4.6 m (336kg)

In the front row, the worlds most valued fish hails from Eastern Europe in the Adriatic, Black and Caspian seas or rivers:

The Beluga Sturgeon - recorded a little over 2 tons! (up to 5 m long)

The Beluga's value is derived from the caviar.

Hmm! I may need to upgrade my tuna gun for such fish!