Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend dive

I went to RIY banks on Tuesday - diving was not an option all around the bay and point.
The vis fluctuated a lot on the way out and was bad on the west side of the RIY bank. I got to check it out - nice and snug in a new wetsuit. The surface was about3-4 m and it was dark and hazy at 15m. After a few dives a shoal of tail swung in to circle me and I got one - the only tail for the day.

We moved east about 1.5 km and found better water there with a chilly thermocline at about 10m and the viz was up to 6-8 m. Again not much around but Mark saw some big spook soldiers.

I was impressed that I was coping with 20 m dives after a 6 week layoff - even after 4 hours of diving. Soon I will begin some training to fire up good dives for when(and if) we get good winter water. I plan to do some breathhold running and then moving to exhale training.

P.S. Zephyr and I got a 40 cm eel in the river yesterday - nice to see the eel very energetic compared to how they were in the contaminated river. Last night we had 33 ml of rain quickly and the residual crap in the river should be moved to the harbour.

I am still very busy with all sorts of other activities so I will probably be quiet for the next month or so...

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