Monday, May 31, 2010

RIY banks - a week later

Went to RIY on Sunday - a nice heavy westerly blew two days earlier and a moderate west the day before - good signs for more good water and hopes of finding yellowtail in better numbers and some bonitos.
The was poor at the point and never really improved too much all the way to the banks - we had been spoilt by the 19 deg C and 25 m viz - this time viz maxed out at 15 but was about 8 m on average with the temp not exceeding 16 deg C.
Fish were pretty scarce and spooky but it made for a good day of fitness practice.

It is amazing how the water changes fast. I guess a big upwelling chilled and bought in murkier water - probably a wide upwelling across the bay and onto the continental shelf. They seem be be brought about by easterly currents even if not east winds blow.

p.s. I was feeding some skua gulls while we drove and eventually managed to get them to fly to my hand and snatch pilchards from me - on my third attempt I snatched a skua by the feet and held it for a while - it was not as vicious as expected - they still followed us but had wizened up a notch and would not take bait anymore.
That is the second time I snatched a bird out the sky - last time it was also a skua.

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