Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another PE great white

Mark an I were diving at Bushy Park and on a sopt Mark did a dive and advised me to get in too - later he said he saw a nice cracker and I swam about 50 m south of the boat hoping to find it there.
Down I went with a good breath - on my way down I saw a shark swimming about 12 m off. Curious as to the species I moved close and confirmed it to be a great white - it was slender and plodding along gracefully. I swam toward the shark and got an estimate it was about 3 m long. It was past me and disinteredted. Feeling ignored I swam of after it - obviously pointing my gun its way. I began grunting and making drumms like a tasslefish to try break its dreamy cold shoulder passage. To no avail; it just cruised on as if I were not there at all and it's idle was about as fast as my 3/4 throttle. Eventually I broke off the pursuit and alerted Mark who was a bit more excited about it than me. I had seen how disinteredted it was and since the vis was good and there were two of us we continued diving and still took four fish with no return of the shark.
Unfortunately the surge was heavy so I had left my camera in the boat or else you could have seen the tail wagging as I followed.

It would have been interesting to see how it/I would have behaved if it turned, or if I got in range to give it a prod. Maybe next time.

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Anonymous said...

You're crazy man.. in a non-insulting awesome extreme way.