Friday, June 25, 2010

Fishing PB for Zephyr

Took Zephyr out yesterday arvie - first down with the line he took a fine roman - around 1.8 kgs. Here Fanus shows off his 7 kg copper taken in 26 m.

Fanus said he had a mild samba and got on the boat after that - good reasoning too since he could not reduce the weights on his belt. 5 kgs on a compressd 5 mm suit is too heavy for that depth - ideally he should remove one weight - but his over shoulder belt had fixed weights.

We had a great afternoon dive with crear surface water but the big swell had stirred up the bottom.

Humpback whales were passing the boat and a shark jumped about 50 m off and we even had a penguin visit us too - fun for a your boy sitting on the boat - more about that when I have time to post.

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