Monday, June 28, 2010

Jackass Penguin in the Boat

On my last sea outing a penguin swam close by - Fanus and I were in the water. The bird then headed for the boat and swam into the side as if trying to board it - unusual. It swam around and Mark put his hand in the water only to find the penguin hop on to be hoisted into the boat - no biting at all!

Zephyr was delighted to have a visitor of such intrigue - especially after watching us boat fish while he was not catching any more. I got on the boat and took the following clip:

When I returned to the boat after checking out a spot. I asked Zephyr how it was. Looks like it's sleeping dad - one look was enough to indicate the bird had moved on to happier hunting grounds. For a while I think all of us had a little lump in the throat and Zephyr did a sea burial. At least the penguinmove on among sympathizers. The clips shows a gash in the wing - I think a shark was responsible - which also explains the birds desire to get out the water. I guess ether it died of shock or bloodloss - there was slight bleeding when it was on the boat.

The dive was fun - we stayed in the deeper water 25-29 m as the swell over 2 m and ground up the bottom in shallower water.
I am suffereing a bit of sinus/eustacian tube blockages and had to bail from a few dives. I may go see a quack to get some antibiotic nasal spray.

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