Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zululand Dive trip

Mark and I had a dive trip to Zululand where we were in search of a wahoo for me and a sailfish for Mark.
We hooked up with Koos Jordaan and spent some time at Leven point and Cape Vidal pursuing our respective quests.
Koos showed what a 30 kg wahoo looks like on the first day:

Koos shot this fish at long range with his 1.4 gun and eventually the barb held just under the skin - thanks to his flexible floatline he was able to reduce the pressure on the fish and put in a holding shot in the presence of an enthusiastic zambezi shark. The shark could well have taken the fish but chose to chew up the R900 floatline instead.

The next day I saw Koos pursuing a nervy wahoo and he spoke of more fish - I swam that way and encountered a shoal of wahoo from about 12 -30 kgs. Have swum up to them they were skittish but curious and would let me almost in range but every time I closed in lining up a shot they would give a light kick and move 2-3 m off. At least I got to see them. Mark found a fish and descended and waited for a fish to approach which it did producing a shot. He had his double reel system that worked to land a 24 kg fish. He had enough time to clip on a reel belt and hang onto the belt while the fish towed him - I donated a floatline to clip on so the pressure could be taken off.

One problem with the reels is that the time it takes to sort out the line afterwards is prohibitive - this disadvantage is offset by increased ability to pursue fish without the resistance and hassles of a floatline.

Later a wahoo appeared 5 m off from my flasher and I slowly descended to its level but it veered off - I waited but the fish started swimming away - I swam gently closer and stopped the fish slowed and turned side on for a look - no approach though. It then began heading off again - "What the hell" - I thought as my air was running out and followed quickly - I lined up fot a rear shot and gave two more hark kick and squeezed the trigger - the fish was in rang but kicked as I shot and the spear hit the tail - the fish did not kick hard and flee like a dragster. I preyed the shot would but after a short weak run the line went limp and my goal died there as the spear dropped toward the sand. I did not see any more wahoo. I will just have to go back again another time.

Wahoo, I found out, are susceptible to a strange parasite called a nematode. Here is a pic of one we found in the 30 kg wahoo - it is about 2-3 inches in length.

There is more to tell of out trip as both Mark and I got some personal bests but right nbow I do not have the time to type posts - get you later!

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Zane said...

Lovely nematode - sounds like the trip was worth it - irrespective.

Us PE mud divers need to move up north to Durban or beyond to get these exotics. Great fish - stunning blue colour on the 30kilogram fish.