Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video clip - hunting technique - a sneaky bank steenbras

The water is clear on top today on the RIY banks but it's yukky in the middle and a bit better below at about 18 m. I dive down and eventually a spooky bank steenbras arrives - I have a clear shot but there is redbait behind so I delay for a clear background where my spear will not hit and penetrate the redbait - the fish senses my intent and spooks off, I follow stealthfully with my 1300 Freedivers speargun at the ready, the fish keeps me moving and is very jittery - I will have to use the terrain to my advantage...

I cover spearfishing technique in my courses - see www.freedive.co.za for details on the courses.

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chrischaos said...

this is a really cool sport, great video, scary tho.