Monday, November 1, 2010

Who got the nice cob at Seaview?

I was out at sea on Friday - for a change been working too hard!!
We took a long drive west and I put Mark in on a good spot and saw a few spearos on the shore.
While sitting on the boat I saw one spearo pick up a big fish - I could not see clearly - it was far and some rocks cut off the lower section of my view. I guessed it to be a big cracker of 15 kg or more.
Rumour has it I was wrong and it was a cob as shown above.

These big ones are very, very scarce on the "west side" and at Seaview. More often the big ones are found near the rivermouths where the viz is very low - the cleare areas produce smaller fish that seldome exceed 15 kgs.

Who got the fish and how big was it- tell us your story.

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