Monday, December 20, 2010

I prod my second great white shark

Mark and I were diving off Hobie beach in about 8 meters of water. I asked Mark to drop me on a little reef and he anchored off on a deeper spot. I took a nice 12.5 kg white steenbras and swam to the boat and deposited the fish. Next I headed out to another spot that had produced once before.
I landed in a depression and nestled in to a crack with my 1100 Freedivers gun trained of the middle of my ambush zone - awaiting a good fish. I watched a nice bronze bream which in turn curiously sussed me out. Scanning to the right I saw blur in the 3 m viz and looked back at the bream before reviewing the blur. A pointed snout approached slowly - "AH, a bloody sand tiger" I thought - "Nope - not the right forest of teeth".
The shark was well-cammoed - a very similar colour to the hazy plankton and sediment in the water. As it broad sided about 1.5 m away I saw it was a small great white - only 2 -2.5 m long - a puppy. I immediately reach out with my gun and jabbed it hard in the middle. The shark charged off with a good fright - this is what I intended - to make it get a bit of a shock - as it broad sided - it feels a hard jab. I alerted Mark and the did a few more dives back toward the earlier spot where I got the steenbras.
It is not a great though for swimmers that such a critter was seen so near(250m off) to Shark Rock Pier - at least the Pier lived up to it's name.
I intend to make further contact with great whites- hopefully the next will be about 3 m long -I want to study their responses to being jabbed [not shot - just firmly prodded with the speartip].
My theory it that they will back off and leave - the last one did so -it was about 5 m long and comming at me fast - a facial jab three inches below the eye did the trick but that one busted my spearguns muzzle!!!
Will keep you posted.
Have a great Xmas!


Film In Japan said...

Wow that is crazy! Be careful

Alaska Fishing Lodge said...

I'm afraid to see a shark.

Gletwyn Rubidge said...

I used to be too - even of smaller nonharfull species but that fear fades as you get to know their behaviour - same with spiders, snakes, and T-Rexes