Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Kids advance their breathholds

In the pool with my daughter - I has a scaffoldingtype ladder in the water - Ateya, now four years old went down and did a 23 second hold, after having her relax( a difficult task with the young ones) she did a 28 second hold and after another relax for 3 min she reached 35 seconds - so she did well.
Zephyr, now almost 7 years old was challenged by his sisters attention and on the thrid attempt he did a 1 min 15 seconds - wiped dad out - at 17 years of age I battled with 25 seconds!!!!!

Unfortunately the drought has trashed almost all the pools with diving 4 m section in our city - though being the pool game I wonder - catching rain and a dose of creativity could have kept all those pools running even if water levels drop. I will have to take Zephyr to the sea on a warm day and try get him to dive 5 or 8 meters.

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Antti said...

Wow! This is so motivating! I really need to get my static training going or your kids will beat me in no time :)