Monday, January 17, 2011

Squid Spearfishing - Attempt number 2

I was on a mission to have my son get blasted by squid ink - he was keen too.
Mark and I and our two boys headed out to sea to find the squid and catch.

As we reached the destination we found many squid boats about - on the exact same spot we found the same boat from last week - a few tons richer in squid. No line were out on any boats - the squid had now started taking lures only at night - the skipper reported no squid around.

We tried a bit and validate the skippers view of no squid. Off we went fishingand were not successful so we returned to the squid boat and loaded the boys on - this was much more fun for them that fishing. I anchored and opted to dive and heck out the eggs - there were plenty eggs, and clear water with great vertical viz but only 2-4 m horizontal viz. I found one bed of eggs that was at least 8 x 12 m in size.
There was not a single squid.

So this time the squid won - but next time I will call the skipper and get some inside info - he recons the squid are now coming in at about 1 hour before dark - so I may head out again soon.

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