Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Squid Spearfishing

Sunday saw Mark and I go out to sea and seek fish - poor conditions and very few reasonable fish about. I had some squid lures in the boat so we drove to Maverick - a squid boat - Mark knows the skipper and we saw them getting some squid. We managed to catch two squid when my patience for fishing blew up. Line up and mask on - I dived down hoping to see the squid eggs. At a depth of about 13 m the viz dropped to about 1m but then opened up to about four below. I saw silvery white shapes all over - it was a big shoal of squid.
Moving slowly kept them relaxed and I landed on the sand in 19 m next to a big bank of squid eggs. Slowly the squid approached and I picked out a big one - there was a puff of black ink as the spear hit.
Mark was quite impressed when I told him what I had found. I told him where to fish and he began catch some - small ones though. While each dive produced a big one for me. Not long and he joined in too and we took a good number of squid by spear. One needs a short gun though as the squid are easy to shoot through. I had one come off because the barb did not open - it is best to have a loose barb and confirm it is open before pulling on the spear.
My camera is busted but next time I will take the other camera and hope to find the squid again.

It is a rare sight in our normal dive spots to find squid - I guess they stay away from fishy areas where the chances of being eaten are greater.

Here is a video of squid spearfishing down under

(Nice big ones compared to ours)

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