Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you using the right speargun?

Over the last few dives I had my longer guns on board the boat. They pretty much stayed there or if I did a dive I dumped them back on the boat. Surge has been one influence and crappy 2-4 m viz the other.
I really like to use the 1 m gun - it is far more maneuverable than 1.1, 1.2 1.3 etc. You can turn and shoot more like a sniper in foul conditions. The 80cm gun is even better.

The one thing is that the last few fish I have taken were between 6 and 14 kg and the shots did not all get through.
Three of five shots did not make it.
I did manage to land all five fish though. This was because I know the reduced power of a 1 m guns spear. I shoot and quickly assess the need to inspect the shot before pulling the fish up or back. What I do is shoot and swim over to the fish and spear and keep the spear in the fish if need be by holding it onto the spear - one hand on the spear the other to keep the fish on until I surface - then push up with both hands on the spear if it is not jammed in bone - normally I can push it through this way and open the barb. It is best to have the fish on teh surface - pushing upward on the spear as though trying to push the fish up out the water with the spear - gravity and the fishes flapping help get the spear through.
Otherwise, if the spear is hard or bony parts it is time to get my hand in the gill plate to hold it. This can be risky with really big fish especially ones with sharp gill rackers such as rockcod, cob etc. If your hand gets stuck in the gills you may be dragged back down!

So the bottom line is the 1 m guns are good for poor conditions but one must pay some extra attention to the shot and to collecting the fish on the way up.

Also one can focus on shooting in thinner, softer areas but then the fish often flap about spooking off other quarry and attracting Mr Biteyou!

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