Monday, April 11, 2011

ByeBye First Base

Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.

~Frederick Wilcox

There you go... "second base" is deeper, a stronger fish, a sharkier dive etc. etc - there is always that extra risk - you must find out what risks there are by educating yourself and reducing the risks. Or, you can find out the risks as you go - it is more risky but you also stand the chance of learning new things that others do not know. Rather not reinvent the wheel - I learned spearfishing mostly by trial and error, often a lot of error, the learning came only from one or two books and chatter with mates at a dive club.
My preference is toward the other side of safe but not in the region of reckless - calculated risk is what I favour. Having 3 kids has definitely reduced my risk appetite.
Your risk appetite will also change probably you will be spooky in the beginning but later you may go through a fast growth stage where risk excites you and later [where I am now ] seek less risk.
I would say that now I do riskier stuff than before such as casually prod sharks or follow after a white or even continue diveing an are after seeing one  - the reason is that I use stats and if the odds favour survival then the fear fades and certainty(Confidence) rules...
It is a strange evolution of a mindset.
I find the same in my financail risk appetite now - previosuly I feared debt and strove to devour it - yet now I embrace it and seek to use debt for wealth creation - it take a change of mindset and definitly a step off first base to get there.
So say good bye to firstbase....

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