Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yippee, got a dive in again

On Sunday we headed out to the RIY banks in the hope of finding clear water. There was 5-8 m viz, about 18 degC above and from 10 m down it was 16.5 deg.
There was a fair west current - enough to crank up the heart rate enough to trim dive downtime. We spent half an hour on the first spot - I saw two fair sized tail on my first down and then nothing more for next while.

Three stops later I descended into a shoal of 2-3 hundred bonnies and got one - it made splendid supper last night.

Mark got a bonnie later on the NW side of the bank and lost a big tail.

Later we moved south and each managed a tail there. I dropped down to 23 m and expected a  red stump on the bottom - looked left and as I looked back right three nice tail were close in - they shied off as I turned and I swam after them keeping low behind a ridge and managed a quick shot on a departing tail 2/3 of the way back - as he turned the spear was through and I knew I could pull hard and would have to to keep him off the pinnacles 10 m jagged face. Luckily I was between the fish and the pinnacles giving me a bit of time to keep it back. I swam really hard away fro the pinnacle and the fish naturally headed for it 5 m from the top I had to give some line and managed to reach the surface and hold the fish off. Eventually I got the 14 kg fish up -  that hard swim up really taxed me and it was a good while later that I dropped down to the same spot only to find no more tail but a lot of excited small fish.

It was one of those day when you get fish soon after entering the water then it remains dead for long enough to be a waste of time to stick it out.

Next we did a random dive and I said to Mark to shoot a big tail - on his second dive a shoal of big ones came in and he got a nice one. I saw him being pulled under time after time. It really must be big!  I kitted up and swam over to put in a holding shot. Focusing on the fish I retrieved my spear and set off to seek more - but only found a fat shoal of Bonnies and got one nice one of about 3 kgs - more sushimi!

Back on boat Mark did not re-enter. Strange?
Only when I got on did I see why - his carbon fin had snapped in half way down where the blade fits into the footpocket. Now it made sense why the 16 kg tail had time after time pulled him right down. The snapped fish had been a long time coming as over the last few few dives we had seen it widen and finally the tail's pull had been enough to finish the job. half an hour later we left.
It was good to dive again.
I am doing a bit of training to keep fit and it's worked well as I maintained better than expected after such a layoff. The sinus infection I had is also gone totally and I can equalize hands free again - what a pleasure.

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